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About my art

My artwork is inspired by Buddhist Philosophy.

My recent work reflects upon the continuity of consciousness and how it manifests.

This particular series captures the movement of the colours of the Four Elements (wind, fire, water, earth) in the Space (symbolised by the canvas, paper, etc.). These are the constituents of everything that is present in the universe, including our bodies and environment. I try to represent their arising and dissolution.

Here are some images of the Four Elements series:

  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series1
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series2
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series3
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series5
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series6
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series7
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series8
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series9
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series10
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series11
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series12
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series13
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series14
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series15
  • Adri_Piol_Elements_Series16

Costa Brava Abstract Art
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About Velvet Spiderwebs Art Studio

Velvet Spiderwebs Art Studio creates versatile artworks for all kinds of decoration projects.

We collaborate with interior designers to create unique spaces for their clients.

We also offer the homeowners an alternative to mass produced artwork for their homes, helping them to achieve originality in their spaces.

Here is a small selection of our projects:

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